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21/12-15 at 07.29 by: Ruth Jackson
Christmas reflection
All of us at Bluebell would like to pass on our best wishes and thanks to all the parents and families we've had the pleasure to meet and to all of our supporters. None of the work we do, the funds we raise, the motivation and passion of the team would be possible without all of you, and so, "Thank-you"!
When our heads are down and life is busy, busy, busy, there is little time to stop and think about anything other then getting through the day, or the never ending to do list! However, when we do find a moment to stop and think about what has happened in the past year, it can be amazing to see how far we may have come. We see this in the groups we run for mums experiencing depression and anxiety all the time and try to demonstrate this by giving mums the time and space to reflect on their journeys at the end of each group programme, by drawing or writing about their feelings. We are often so struck by the way the mums sum up how they feel at the end of the programme, compared to how they felt when they arrived:
"I was feeling trapped in my own mind, sad, lonely and disconnected...I now feel connected to those around me, I laugh more and am making more time for me"
"I felt desperate and alone like I was on a sinking ship...I now feel in control, like the captain of my ship"
Many of the mums talk about feeling as if they have lost all control when they first come to Bluebell and how, through the weeks spent in the group programme and receiving support from one of the Buddies, they gradually feel a sense of control and connection coming back into their lives, feeling more able to steer their ship and navigate all the natural chaos that having a baby can bring!
Having time to reflect is important for all of us, but particularly if you've had challenges and difficulties to overcome. We would encourage you to take some time out over the festive period, if you are able, just to stop and think for five minutes about your own journey over the past year and if you're feeling in need of some support then turn to someone you trust and ask for some help and guidance. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point and asking for help may sometimes feel hard, but could be the first step on a positive new journey for you.
Happy Christmas from everyone at Bluebell xx
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