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24/2-16 at 12.35 by: Ruth Jackson
#MumTalk - thank you to the funders!
#MumTalk – Thank you to the funders

Today is dedicated to raising awareness of maternal mental health, with the hashtag #MumTalk being used all day on social media, to encourage mums and dads to share their stories. The Bluebell team have known about this day for a little while, as a group of mums, dads and children we’ve had the privilege of supporting over the past months and years, have bravely taken part in a series of films and interviews that form part of the campaign you can watch today. We are very proud of them and it has been a real pleasure to watch them take part so willingly and involve their partners and children. All of the parents who’ve taken part share the same aim; to give hope to others, that with the right treatment, understanding and support, you will get better.

Bluebell is funded by Sport Relief, who are behind this today and we are so thankful for their funding, which goes a very, very long way indeed. It’s incredibly hard to secure funding for mental health projects, which makes us doubly thankful for funding like this, that enables charities like Bluebell to provide grass roots, vital services rooted in local communities. We believe it’s vital to recognise the role of good quality, professional, well funded voluntary sector organisations that are providing support to thousands of mums, dads and children, who otherwise may have fallen through the gaps.

So ‘Bravo!” to Sport Relief for their commitment to funding maternal mental health and huge respect to all the mums and dads for raising awareness today. We truly hope this will be a catalyst for more funding, better services and ultimately, less suffering for families affected by perinatal mental illness.

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