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Dads' zone has been funded by Health Together with money raised from the Health Lottery

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It can be hard adjusting to life as a new dad and even more so if your partner is experiencing post-natal depression. Not only are you getting used to sleepless nights and the demands of parenthood, but you might also be supporting your partner emotionally and worrying about her when you are not there. The pressure can become hard to bear and many men find they may also experience periods of depression.

Ongoing support for partners

As a direct result of being awarded funding from The Co-Operative Membership Community Fund and a grant received from money raised by Health Together, through the Health Lottery, Bluebell is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer ongoing support to partners in the Bristol area. 

You can find out more by calling 07730 367 483, leaving a message and we will call you back.

Talk with a dad who has first-hand experience

If you would welcome the opportunity to talk about your experience of either supporting your partner, living with depression related to pregnancy and birth and/or are experiencing it yourself, please contact us so that we can see what support we can put in place for you.  You are not alone.

For more information on our work with dads please contact us on info@bluebellcare.org

 For further information about services available for men and boys’ health and well being in Bristol, please visit this website:


I thought it was really good to do a group where you all have something in common