Hannah’s story

"I found my ‘flow’ and
rediscovered my love of baking"

It was within Bluebell’s Mums’ Comfort Zone that I found my ‘flow’ and rediscovered my love of baking. I was suffering from high anxiety and low mood and had lost all interest, all motivation and all confidence in myself. I remember the session encouraging us to think about what interests and hobbies we might enjoy. The feeling that came over me as I realised some of the options were appealing was one of surprise, just a little spark in my mind ‘I like that, I used to really enjoy that!’ Compared to the negative thoughts and feelings I had been experiencing it was a moment of ‘I can’ and that felt good. My thoughts after that session were ‘I can bake, I will bake’.

Baking was lifting my mood

At home I revisited my recipe books and emptied the cupboards of all the ingredients I could find and I set out to bake. I found the aspects of measuring, mixing and pouring meditative and my anxiety while I was in that zone was kept at bay. I had found my ‘flow’. All my senses were activated, touch, sight, taste, hearing. Baking was lifting my mood. Baking was providing both a physical and mental outlet for my anxiety. There is something genuinely therapeutic about baking. The delicious smell coming from my oven - an instant pick me up. I was so pleased with myself when it was done, having something in front of me I was proud of and had actually enjoyed doing! Of course the best part was being able to share it with people, to receive compliments and praise, to be proud of something, to be smiling and to feel good about myself again. To have found my ‘flow’.

Discovering my ‘flow’ was good for me in so many ways: it provided me with a way to manage my anxiety and mood, it made me feel good about myself, it gave me self esteem and it gave me ambition again. It enabled me to take the next step in my recovery and have the confidence to do things I wouldn’t have before. I shared my bakes with the girls from  the Bluebell’s Mums’ Comfort Zone group, I began baking cakes for family and friends and I volunteered with a local charity who provide birthday cakes to families in need. It’s helped rebuild ‘me’.’.

So what’s stopping you? Go find your ‘flow’