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Today I had the pleasure of taking part in one of our antenatal yoga classes, run by the lovely Gladey who has over 10 years of teaching experience. Gladey is passionate about working with women, and the benefits that yoga can bring for both physical and mental health.



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Small steps are enough

A new year can bring mixed emotions. It can offer a fresh start, a chance to focus, to pursue new goals or take up those things we’ve been meaning to for ages. Or, it can bring a sense of overwhelm as we feel pressure to launch ourselves into a long list of things we feel we must do.....


.....take up yoga, start a new business, write a novel, see our friends more, be kinder, healthier, more assertive, start a new career and on and on it goes. We live in a world where it can feel as it we have to make a mark, stand out, see quick results, whilst feeling we must share it on social media, otherwise it doesn’t count.

At Bluebell we are big fans of small steps. Wouldn’t it be great if this year became the one where we focussed on the seemingly small things, one step at a time, that we felt these were enough and left us with a sense of calm with no need to share if we didn’t want to, because they were just for our own wellbeing.
When we are feeling anxious, resolutions and goals can often feel unachievable, which can make us feel like giving up before we even get started, so perhaps this year we can start with some gentle steps in the right direction instead? So rather than feeling under pressure to join a new gym and sign up to a whole timetable of exercise classes, we could make a start with an online class at home until we feel ready. Or instead of embarking on writing 2,000 words a day,  we could buy a really nice journal and jot down our thoughts and see where they take us.
Isn’t it so much better to enjoy the journey along the way, experiencing a sense of calm and fulfilment than feeling daunted by a huge mountain we see no way over. So here’s to the small steps, as in the end they still take us where we need to be!