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Hi! My name is Jodi and I am the North Bristol Buddy for Bluebell Care. I'd just like to run you through a bit of what you can expect from myself and the other Buddies within Bluebell Care. 

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Opening the Door - Bluebell Place

When new parents come to the door at Bluebell Place, or return after an initial visit, we feel so inspired to keep on doing what we’re doing!

Not only do parents bring themselves but their little ones too.  Often they’ve never told anyone how they’re really feeling and sometimes find it really hard to get out of their own doors and prioritise themselves.  But still they find the courage to come.

Sometimes although not actually living alone, parents can feel really alone with their feelings. However, if a parent can knock on the door of Bluebell Place they can be assured that they will receive a really warm welcome and support from one of our team, start to redress the balance in their lives and be given the reassurance that what they’re feeling, although, understandably, really upsetting for them, is a very common place illness and their experiences can be a very ‘normal’ reaction to a huge change in circumstances and role. You will get through this and the very fact that you’ve sought further support, than has readily come to your own door, means that you’re probably so much stronger than you think and you will get better!