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Feb 11, 2014

Latest News

Well we have been busy here at Bluebell lately! We have three Mums' Comfort Zone group programmes running now in South, North and Central Bristol, our Dads' Zone service and our Buddy service covering wide areas of the City too. If you need support or know of a mum or dad who does, then all the information you need is here in the 'Contact Us' section including our referral forms, which you can down-load. 

Mums and Dads can also self-refer to our groups and Buddy service. We feel this is important, as often even telling anyone how they are feeling can be extremely difficult for some parents and so we want all parents to know that they can contact us directly and in confidence. That's not to say that we don't take safe-guarding seriously and we do work closely with health professionals such as GP's and Health Visitors to ensure that mums, dads and their children are supported in the best way possible. 

We've had some small fundraising success recently with cheques arriving from local Trusts and Companies which is a goodway to start the year. Fundraising in this economic climate isn't easy and every little helps and as Bluebell relies totally on funding from grants and donors, we are very grateful to all of them. If you have an urge to raise some money for a good cause in a low-key way then maybe you could think about organising an event for Bluebell? 

Talking of which, we will be launching our new fundraising campaign soon, which we hope many of you will be inspired to get involved in, but more of that in our next news update!



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