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13/11-17 at 08.55 Louis Dunn
I have now been working at Bluebell Care for over a more...

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Sep 8, 2017

Update from Bluebell Buddy, Sam!

Wow, what a busy couple of months!
It feels like both an age and a mere moment since Julie and I were appointed Little Bluebell Buddy's. We sat around a table in Totnes and formally introduced ourselves to the rest of the team including Selina and Mel, meeting the representatives from Comic Relief and Little Something as well. We chatted, we exchanged ideas and we ate delicious pastries as we did so. What a great first meeting! 
Since then we've been ever so busy! We've been training, we all went to the “I'm Fine” conference in Exeter, where we learned a lot through a combination of chatting to other people with lived experience, a couple of talks given by healthcare professionals and the ever-memorable dramatic performance of “Friction.” We also made the trek to Bluebell Place for an overnight stop, reaping knowledge from the learned Buddy's up there. It was a truly powerful and daunting experience, I found, one that made me realise just how badly I wanted to do this job, and also what a massive task it is at the same time. 
When we got back to Devon, it was full steam ahead. Referrals, assessments, team meetings, and of course, all the preparation for the upcoming Comfort Zone group starting in Torquay on Monday! We've been working closely with the Devon Partnership Trust Perinatal Mental Health Team in order to find ladies that would benefit from working with us, although we aim to branch out and accept referrals from elsewhere as soon as our feet have found the floor. 
What's next, I hear you ask? 
Well, obviously we're starting to run the 11 week course that emulates the ones already happening in Bristol, our ladies are coming to familiarise themselves with the children's centre and the (free!) creche on Monday. Julie and I are back up to Bristol on Friday for yet more training, they really do keep us well educated! 
Things are really happening down here in Devon, and the opportunity to be a part of it is, for me, an incredible thing. 
We'll let you know how it goes! 

Little Bluebell Buddy

they were very welcoming and are great to talk to