Talking therapy for parents who need extra support.

Counselling at Bluebell

After one-to-one peer support sessions with their Bluebell Buddy, many parents start to feel better. For others, it’s the combination of Buddy support and our Comfort Zone programme that boosts their wellbeing and gives them hope for the future.

But sometimes, parents need extra help. For example, they may need to work through feelings of trauma after a very difficult pregnancy or birth, and feelings of sadness that their parenting journey hasn’t started the way they’d imagined.

In cases like this - and as long as the parent isn’t already undertaking any other therapy - Buddies may refer them for counselling. Just like all our services, this is free. It takes place in a private room at Bluebell Place, giving parents a chance to make use of our creche.

Our private counselling room at Bluebell Place

Our private counselling room at Bluebell Place

Over six weeks, our counsellors support parents to explore their emotions around pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. They help parents understand these complex emotions so that they feel more confident about managing them day-to-day.

We’d love to offer lots of parents this level of support. But as Bluebell is a charity with limited resources, Buddies can only refer a small number of parents for counselling. However, they can – and do - offer parents guidance about lots of other opportunities for therapy and support.

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We want to support every parent that needs us, but demand for our services is very high. Please read our guidelines before referring to us.

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