getting help with depression

Early diagnosis

Getting an early diagnosis is really important to recovery. Often parents find it difficult to admit to others that they are feeling depressed, as they feel guilty or ashamed of their feelings, but G.Ps, Midwives and Health Visitors, or others working in this area, will understand the symptoms and will be keen to help.

Early diagnosis  = early treatment  = earlier recovery.


Mild depression may not require any treatment, but for others talking therapies and/or medication may be advised. Talking therapies include listening/counselling therapy (various different types are available, from qualified counsellors to listeners who have experienced antenatal or post-natal depression) or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (which specifically helps to understand thinking and behaviour patterns). It is advisable to discuss medication firstly with a GP, as although some herbal anti-depressant medications can be bought over the counter, they can interact with other medication and there may be others available that would be more effective. As people respond differently to treatments it is important that each person receives what is most appropriate for them.

Rest and support

Rest and support are both key factors in the recovery of depression and this is why we believe depression linked to pregnancy and birth can be so challenging. There are many services available to support families in Bristol and beyond, some of which we have in our links.