Building a more equal Bluebell

At Bluebell, we know that everyone’s experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenthood are different.

We want to ensure that every group has the same opportunity to get support from us, no matter their background. We want to build a Bluebell that all parents can trust. Our aim is to offer services that give all parents a sense of belonging – and make them feel safe.

We’re right at the start of what’s going to be a long journey. But we’re excited about the opportunities ahead of us.

Meet Kiran, our Diversity and Inclusion Lead 

We welcomed Kiran to our team in December 2021. Here she talks about her new role - the first of its kind at Bluebell. 

This role is challenging, exciting and rewarding all at once. There’s a lot of work to do and we know that we can – and should – do better.

"Our differences and diversities shape our day-to-day lives. They affect the way we access mental health services and the experiences we then go on to have. Our goal is that everyone, no matter their background, can access the help they need without facing barriers.

I’m passionate about linking with communities to find out how Bluebell can better support them. I want to assure people that we will listen, and that we will make changes to give people the right support.”

Here’s some of the work we’re doing to build a more equal Bluebell:

  • We’re talking to diverse communities across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and South Devon.

  • We’re reviewing what we offer at our wellbeing hub, Bluebell Place – we want everyone to feel welcome there.

  • We’re working on improving the language in our communications to make them more accessible.

  • We’re looking at our recruitment processes, because we want our team and trustees to reflect the diversity of the people we support.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media for updates on how we’re building a more equal Bluebell.

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