We provide support to help families manage their mental health and wellbeing during pregnancy and after birth

Little Bluebell


Supporting postnatal emotional wellbeing in the Torbay and South Hams areas of Devon.

Bluebell is delighted to be working in partnership with Comic Relief and Little Something to deliver 1:1 Buddy and group support in the Torbay and South Hams areas of Devon.

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Little Bluebell are part of the Bluebell Care team based in Torbay, Devon. They are able to support parents with their emotional wellbeing, during pregnancy and after birth, up until 2 years post-natally, in the Torbay and South Hams areas.

The team consists of Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Occupational Therapist, Selina, Project Co-ordinator, Mel together with two Buddies, who both have lived experience of perinatal mental illness. The role of the Little Bluebell Buddy is to offer 1:1 peer support to mums, who are currently unwell, in the community and during the group programme.

Little Bluebell offer a 12 week rolling group programme, Mums’ Comfort Zone, in partnership with local children centres. This course is on offer, with free crèche provision, to mums who may be finding life stressful and overwhelming, resulting in them experiencing feelings of sadness, panic, loneliness, frustration, irritation or anger and identify as having antenatal or postnatal depression and/or anxiety.

The hope is that by meeting together with other mums in a similar situation and having some valuable ‘me time’ the women can begin to feel more positive about life as a mum and realise they are not alone in feeling the way they do.. The course will provide an opportunity to explore:

• why you are feeling the way you do
• how you can help yourself and each other
• new skills and practical activities which may help.

The Devon service is made possible with funding from Comic Relief and Little Something

In case of query you can email: selina@bluebellcare.org or mel@bluebellcare.org

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