Comfort Zone

Our 11-week well-being programme.

Comfort zone

Comfort Zone gives parents a chance to come together for two hours each week and develop coping strategies to boost their emotional wellbeing. 

Parents are usually referred to Comfort Zone by their Bluebell Buddy. They take part in 11 weekly therapeutic group sessions, usually held in their local children’s centre. Each session is designed to give parents some ‘me time’ and equip them with tools to improve their wellbeing.

There are discussions about anxiety and depression and tips on how to manage them. Sessions on routines and mindfulness help parents restore balance to their day, while arts and crafts activities gives them a chance to ‘find their flow.’ An aerobic exercise session like Zumba or circuits gets blood pumping and endorphins flowing.

Crucially, our Early Years team is on hand each week to look after the babies. This gives parents space to relax, drink their cuppas while they’re still hot and have honest conversations with others who know just what they’re going through.

What next?

If you’re a parent experiencing perinatal mental health difficulties and think Bluebell could help you, find out more today.

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We want to support every parent that needs us, but demand for our services is very high. Please read our guidelines before referring to us.

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